Hospice Aide (CNA)- PRN

Posted: 12/05/2021

Job Summary:

The Hospice Aide is committed to the philosophy, goals, and objectives of the hospice concept. As a member of the Interdisciplinary Team, the Hospice Aide will provide personal care services to the terminally ill patient and perform related tasks in the home setting in accordance with the plan of treatment as assigned by the RN.



  1. High school diploma or GED.
  2. Previous experience as a Hospice Aide or CNA.
  3. Completion of a certified training program.
  4. Current registration as CNA in the state.
  5. Dependable transportation.
  6. Working telephone and contact number.
  7. Minimal experience working with computers, smartphones, or similar devices.
  8. Completion of annual competencies with RN.


  1. Carries out the duties assigned by the RN in order to increase the patient’s level of comfort, and to maintain personal hygiene and a safe environment for the patient.
  2. Under the direction of a Registered Nurse and in accordance with the written plan of care, the Hospice Aide shall:
    1. Give or assist with personal care of the patient and maintain or assist in maintaining the cleanliness of the patient’s immediate surroundings.
    2. Assistance with shower/tub bath or total bed bath, as patient desires.
    3. Wet shampoo utilizing shampoo board; comb hair.
    4. Mouth and tooth care.
    5. Skincare and shaving.
    6. Nail and food care.
    7. Catheter care.
    8. Change bed linen.
    9. Other personal care duties as assigned.
  3. Helps the client to achieve a good quality of life through:
    1. Encouraging independence, eating, social contact, etc.
    2. Providing companionship.
    3. Providing reassurance.
  4. Recognizes and reports any changes in the mental or physical status of the patient promptly to the RN, or to the Hospice Aide Lead or DON if RN is unavailable.
  5. Maintains awareness of potential anxiety in families.
  6. Provides respite relief for primary caregivers as requested.
  7. Participates in Interdisciplinary Team meetings.
  8. Assists the Registered Nurse with specific assigned procedures.
  9. Requests assistance if unable to perform assigned tasks completely.
  10. Completes appropriate records in a timely manner.
  11. Identifies own educational needs to keep current and upgrade knowledge and skills via in-services and self-study.

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