Front Desk Agent

The primary function of a Guest Service/Front Desk Agent is to create the ultimate guest experience for all guests of the hotel from before check-in to after check-out. This position lives in the “heart of the house” of the hotel: the front desk. This position is often the face and voice of the hotel, the brand, and Duke Hospitality. The Guest Service/Front Desk Agent is responsible for effective communication to the guest before arrival when answering guest inquires, creating a positive, hospitable, welcoming, inviting check-in and check-out experience, and responding to guests' needs while they’re in the house.

Essential Functions
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
Along with complying with all laws, company policy, brand standards, the following are the Essential Functions of this
1. Complete all Duke Hospitality, brand, and departmental/position training.
2. Treat all co-workers with respect, dignity, and in accordance with Duke Hospitality’s culture of Everyone Matters.
3. Treat all vendors with respect, dignity, and in accordance with Duke Hospitality’s culture of Everyone Matters.
4. Treat all guests and customers with respect and dignity and in accordance with Duke Hospitality’s culture of:
Everyone Matters, and be empowered to guarantee their total satisfaction.
5. Maintain professionalism at all times.
6. Ensure all transactions with guests are handled legally and ethically.
7. Maintain security and control over assigned rooms keys and room access.
8. Maintain a clean and neat appearance at all times.
9. Arrive at the assigned area at the scheduled time prepared to complete the assigned shift diligently, effectively, and hospitably.
10. Maintain up-to-date, accurate, and clear reports as it relates to the arrivals, departures, guests in the house, cancellations,
room availability and any other reports critical to the function of the hotel and front desk.
11. Turn in all articles left by guests to management immediately as “lost and found”.
12. Maintain safe working conditions and follow all safety and procedural rules and take immediate corrective action to
when required to improve and laps in working conditions.
13. Ensure the safety of yourself, coworkers, guests, and their belongings.
14. Communicate all problems and unusual manners related to employee and guest safety to management immediately.
15. Notify supervisor or manager when there is a shortage of supplies in advance of immediate need.
16. Understand the daily and ongoing functions, services, and facilities of the hotel.
17. Garner a working knowledge of the surrounding area of the hotel (landmarks, local attractions, surrounding
businesses, points of interest, roads, etc.)
18. Assist all guests in answering their inquiries, meeting their needs, and providing solutions.
19. Develop and maintain interpersonal, professional relationships with guests quickly.
20. Relate well to a wide variety of individuals from many backgrounds.
21. Always demonstrate patience and tolerance to all guests and coworkers.
22. Learn and utilize selling techniques to maximize occupancy and revenue.
23. Maintain a cash bank per Duke Hospitality cash handling procedures.
24. Maintain ongoing and effective communication with management, the front desk, and all departments at the hotel.
25. Stay aware of guest issues at all times.
26. Attend scheduled meetings.
27. Ensure guest room keys and master keys are used to the highest level of security to protect guests, coworkers, the company, and all belongings.
28. Proactive protect all guest information.
29. Understand and operate the front desk’s telephone and computer systems, property management systems, and other office equipment.
30. Maintain the equipment used to perform the job duties and notify the supervisor or manager immediately of any
damage or malfunction beyond daily wear-and-tear.
31. Accept and verify guest credit card data and maintain the security and privacy of that data.
32. Interact with guests, on the phone or in person, in a professional manner and within brand standards.
33. Listen and promptly act to resolve guest issues and notify management immediately of any escalated guest situations.

1. Professionalism
2. Communication
3. Attention to Detail
4. Ethical & Moral
5. Adherent to Standards

Supervisory Responsibility
At present, this position has no supervisory responsibilities.
Work Environment
This job operates in a hotel environment.
• A required uniform or dress code must be worn.
• This position is completed in an indoor environment, but often near the front door of the hotel that could cause
subtle changes in the temperature, depending on the season.
• The Front Desk Agent positions rotate shifts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, without exception. The
The night Audit role is typically the overnight shift at the property.

Physical Demands
This position is centrally located at the front desk and standing on your feet for most or all of your shift is often required. The lifting of supplies and equipment that may exceed 50lbs could also be required. Bending down, kneeling, crouching, squatting, and pushing are other physical demands that may be required of you. Accepting this job indicates you understand these physical demands and are able to complete the essential functions of the job that required these physical demands. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Position Type/Expected Hours of Work
This is an hourly position (full-time and part-time). There is no guarantee of hours and there is no obligation to schedule you a certain number of hours or provide a set or defined schedule. This position is scheduled when and as needed based on need. While we desire the best work/life balance for our team, longer/different hours may be required to complete the above functions. Conversely, we also offer an aggressive and flexible PTO plan for full-time employees only. You can be scheduled on weekdays and weekends. Most often you will be scheduled starting in the mornings through the afternoon, but longer or later hours may be scheduled based on needs. You are expected to complete all assignments before departing your scheduled shift daily. Any overtime hours worked must be approved by the General Manager of the property.