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I’ve been a realtor for about 25 years but for the last nine years I’ve been marketing the “ AS SEEN AROUND THE WORLD” Real Estate company with multiple listing plans. Once I acquired the “ AS SEEN AROUND THE WORLD” domain name I believed I could be everything to everyone. I would offer the standard 6% for those sellers like to keep things simple, a 5% for those who would use me again in the future, a 4% for those sellers going through a hardship, and last but not least we have a Flat fee $1000.00 for homes and $500.00 for land sales. To date I have approximately 105 clients that have used my $1,000 flat fee plan. That equates to over 1.2 million dollars in commissions saved. You will not hear other realtors brag about this. Because that 1.2 million dollars out of my pocket.