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Mimm's drinking whiskey

From deep in the woods of the North Georgia mountains, comes a new whiskey with flavors as deep and rich as the history behind it. In the early 1930's Jack Mimm McClure started making bootleg whiskey in the rural area of Young Harris, Georgia about two hours northeast of Atlanta. His recipes for Apple Brandy, Peach Brandy and Corn Whiskey produced some of the smoothest brews around those parts, and it was strong enough to fuel a car for those who could afford one - and cure the common cold. Mimm passed away in 1969, and though the recipe remained in the family, not another drop was produced until now.

Tommy on Mimm's Wagon

Mimm's grandson, Tommy Townsend, was only two when his infamous grandfather died, but the stories of the fear and respect his grandfather commanded along with never ending reports of charity and compassion - in those parts are engrained in his life today. Family talk about his grandfather's moonshine prompted Tommy to question his mother and uncle about the recipe. With the family's blessing, he began the process of producing Grand Daddy Mimm's Whiskey using the same recipe and the same simple ingredients with all of the taste and tradition enjoyed by common folk, celebrities and high-powered politicians 80 years ago.


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Owner, Tommy Townsend
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