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Lantern Lodge, LLC

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Nestled on top of a beautiful valley, the Lantern Lodge offers extraordinary views of the sun setting over the mountains. Cozy and inviting, the lodge offers 7 bedrooms, each with direct access to the one of 6 baths; plus 2 additional attic dormers, offering 3 bunk-beds each. The additional guest house offers an additional bedroom, along with a full kitchen and bath. This can be rented with the lodge (for a total of 9 bedrooms), or separately. Every bedroom, as well as the attic dormers, offer spectacular views. The 4-level log/rock home offers five covered porches, plus an additional covered porch at the guest house. The log beams give the feel of a superb mountain lodge. All new furniture, mountain themed, further add to the chalet air. Fully paved accessible road and driveway.

The open floor plan includes the great room with a cathedral ceiling, a double see-through fireplace, serving both the great room as well as the brand new kitchen. The kitchen has a cozy hunter themed dining area, creating a spacious area for guests to enjoy. On the upper level, the exquisite master suite features a king size bed, a wood-burning fireplace, and a porch overlooking the patio below, as well as the mountain across. The rustic master bathroom has a jacuzzi, as well as a rainfall style, massage system in mosaic shower stall. On the third level, 2 spiral staircases lead to two separate attic dormers, each offering 3 bunk-beds, rustic decor, and magnificent views.

In the all rock back patio guests find the pizza oven and the fire-place. A fire pit and tree-house complete the outdoors.

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  • Luxury Lodge - sleeps 30
  • Family Retreats & Reunions
  • Corporate Retreats Private Events
  • Stunning Mountain Views
  • Mountain Cabin Get-away


The Lantern Lodge
View from the back yard
Mountain views from the front of the lodge
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