Dining in Blairsville-Union County is a veritable feast for all senses.

From farm-to-table menus to luxurious lobster ravioli, from fish tacos to towering burgers, our local eateries are known for being both casual and decadent. Our biscuits are bigger, our gravy is generous, our grits are locally ground, and our fried chicken is so light and crisp, folks are known to propose to the chefs. If you hanker for a southern experience, you’ll find it here. If you’re hungry for a succulent ribeye and locally grown baked potato, we offer that too. What truly makes our dining experience unique is that many of our big box restaurants are getting their produce locally sourced. To eat in Blairsville-Union County is to dine on what local folks grew in an atmosphere that leaves you wishing you could linger longer. Come take a bite. Explore options below.

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